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 To set-up your homepage to be  accessible only through / url you need t:

  1. Use following key in <appSettings> section of your web.config:
    <add key="CMSDefaultPageURL" value="~/" />
    This prevents putting .../default.aspx in the url.
  2. Go to Site Manager -> Settings -> Web site, and set default alias path to your home page alias (e.g. "/Home")
    Also on the URLs and SEO, turn off Redirect document aliases to main URL. 
    Note - this is a slight disadvantage, because you lose the ability to benefit from this setting.
  3. In CMS Desk, go to Properties -> URLs of your Home document, and set Custom URL path to "/"
That should ensure that any request on the root or /home url will be kept at the root domain path, while still showing content of the home node. 
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