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This post explains how to create new page in Webcoda CMS system


  1. Open the site in edit mode
  2. Pick new page location
  3. Set new page properties
  4. Edit new page content
  5. Publish

Open the site in edit mode

Logon on to the administration and select “Edit Pages” link on the left hand site menu.
This will take you to your website in in authoring mode thus allowing you to create, edit and move pages.


When viewing the website in authoring mode you’ll see an authoring console which lets you:

  • Switch between live and edit modes
  • Go back to central administration site
  • Pin and unpin the console, move it and save it’s preferred location
  • Logout from authoring mode


When site is in live mode, only published content is displayed so you are viewing the site as the end user. The first link on the console says “Edit mode” and console itself is minimised.

Clicking the “Edit mode” link will switch the site into edit mode. This will change the link title to “Live mode” and will expand the console to display the CMS tools and page information.
Note that tools and the page information apply to currently selected page so if you want to edit a page you need to navigate to this page first, the click on “Edit” link on the authoring console.


Pick new page location

When creating the new page, the first thing you need to do is to specify where this new page should appear in the website hierarchy. You start by clicking the “New Page” link which will launch the “Page location” window showing the websites hierarchy. Pick the new page location by selecting any of the existing site page nodes. If you want to create the top level page just click the “Select” button without selecting any of the page nodes.


Set new page properties

Next step is to provide the properties for the new page.


Field Description
Page Name Name of the page. Will be used to auto generate the Page Url field below.
Page Url User/Google friendly Url.
Page Title An alternative page name that is used in navigation links to this page auto generated by the CMS system e.g. top navigation.
Link Title A link title that is used when generating links above.
Keywords Used to fill the “keywords” metadata tag.
Description Used to fill the “description” metadata tag.
Template Layout template to be used by this page.
Homepage Indicates if this page is the site’s homepage. Only one page should be tagged the homepage.
Footer Page Indicates if link to this page should appear on the site’s footer.
Hidden Setting this field will hide the page from auto generated navigation controls such as top navigation. Note that page will still be accessible by the users if thy know the url and can be manually linked to from any page content.
Access Rules The page can be set as: Public, Members Only or Roles.
”Public” means that the page is accessible by all site users.
”Members Only” means that the page is accessible by logged on users only, regardless of the user’s role.
Selecting ”Roles” option will allow to restrict the access to this page to specific user roles only.
Start and End Publishing Automatically show / hides published pages based on start / end date selection.
Sort Order Allows sibling pages to be sorted. This sorting order is used when displaying page on auto generated navigation controls such as top navigation.

Edit new page content

To edit the pages content, click “Edit” link on the authoring console. This will switch the page to authoring mode allowing administrator to edit the content.
Once in authoring mode, all links except “Save” and “Save and Preview” are disabled.

Saving the page creates the draft version of this page which is only visible to administrator when the site is viewed in edit mode. Switching the site to live mode will show currently published version of the page.


To publish the draft content click the “Publish” link. This will update the current published version of the page thus immediately making the changes visible to site users .

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