Google In-Page Analytics is not a heatmap

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Heatmap Software

Using heat map software is a great way to visually get an idea of how users interact with your website pages. If you don’t already have a heat map then see the links below for the 2 most popular tools:

Below is what a sample page report looks like:










Google Analytics In-Page View

Google Analytics looks like it does the same thing with it’s in-page analytics.





In Analytics, if you drill down through Behaviour > Site Content > All Pages and then use the tabs to go to In-Page. You will see a page like this:







The numbers in the orange boxes appear to be how many people have clicked these links. Wrong! These numbers represent the percentage of people who visit the pages that this link links to. 
I.E. If your menu and your footer both link to “Contact Us” and 20% of visitors get to the contact us page, then regardless of users got to Contact Us, both the header and footer and any other link to Contact Us links will show 20%.

By contrast a heat map will show you how many people clicked the actual links. The brighter the spot below the more people clicked on it. Note: The Flash banner is invisible in the heat map render although we can still see where users clicked.


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