Google In-Page Analytics is not a heatmap

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Heatmap Software

Using heat map software is a great way to visually get an idea of how users interact with your website pages. If you don’t already have a heat map then see the links below for the 2 most popular tools:

Below is what a sample page report looks like:










Google Analytics In-Page View

Google Analytics looks like it does the same thing with it’s in-page analytics.





In Analytics, if you drill down through Behaviour > Site Content > All Pages and then use the tabs to go to In-Page. You will see a page like this:







The numbers in the orange boxes appear to be how many people have clicked these links. Wrong! These numbers represent the percentage of people who visit the pages that this link links to. 
I.E. If your menu and your footer both link to “Contact Us” and 20% of visitors get to the contact us page, then regardless of users got to Contact Us, both the header and footer and any other link to Contact Us links will show 20%.

By contrast a heat map will show you how many people clicked the actual links. The brighter the spot below the more people clicked on it. Note: The Flash banner is invisible in the heat map render although we can still see where users clicked.


10 reasons why we chose Kentico over WordPress

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WordPress and Kentico are both awesome CMS’s that have been used to develop thousands of websites.

This article seeks to explain why we chose Kentico as our standard CMS platform.


Kentico Logo

General Overview






Free Edition exists but paid version starts at $3,599 and goes up to $15,999 for Enterprise Marketing Solution.

Licence Type

Open Source

Proprietary but you can buy Source code






Paid Support


Mainly through plugins

Mainly through code

Feature set

Minimal out of the box

Many out of the box


Reason 1 - Support

While community support is nice, it can’t beat the support you get from the creators of the product itself. Recently when I was working with WordPress for a small website and I ran into issues where images would not appear. I tried Googling for a few hours tin find an answer and never found a solution. I did eventually resolve the issue myself but support would have helped.

On the flip side Kentico support has always been amazing so when I am dealing with a large corporate client, it’s a good feeling to know that help is available should I need it.

Reason 2 – Feature set

Kentico comes with hundreds of features out of the box while WordPress is extended through Plugins. There are many great WordPress plugins but having the features baked in to the system creates reliability and consistency (Just ask Apple). There are many stories of how user’s favourite plugins stop working with the next WP upgrade but more on that later.

Reason 3 – Security

The source code for Kentico is not available for download which prevents possible hackers from examining the code for vulnerabilities.

Because WordPress has such a huge market penetration it is also a bigger, more attractive target for hackers.

Reason 4 – Managing Content

Both systems are extremely easy to use but Kentico is much more rigid in terms of layout templates. (This is a good thing) Although Kentico offers the ability through its portal model to create new layouts on the fly, it is usually the case that editors just use layouts that are predefined for them at design time. The reason this is a good thing is because there is less chance that a content editor will destroy the integrity of what the page is supposed to look like.

Reason 5 – Managing Multiple Sites

The ability to manage multiple sites and share content, users and files is built into Kentico. Many of our clients host multiple sites on the one install base. It also means when you upgrade Kentico, all sites get upgraded.

Reason 6 – Extending the platform

Kentico was built with developers in mind. Extending Kentico into a powerful platform that is tailored to your business needs is relatively easy. An example is Event Birdie – This site allows visitors to search through a directory of venues, caterers and suppliers. There are reviews, ratings and shortlisting features. WordPress is rarely used to develop something so sophisticated.

Reason 7 – Big Data (and not so big)

With Kentico all your data is easily accessible to provide you with real insights into how your site is being used. If you use Kentico EMS (Enterprise Marketing Solution) then you have even greater visibility to what your users are doing. You can then use that data to personalise the user experience, for lead nurturing or to integrate with another system.

Reason 8 – Roadmap

Kentico provides a clear roadmap for what’s in store with the next releases of the product. This allows companies and developers to plan appropriately for improved or great new features.

Reason 9 – Upgrading is simple

Upgrades are relatively painless in Kentico. We have upgraded even the most heavily customised sites without too much difficulty and not relying on plugins developed by various programmers all over the world makes the likelihood that the upgrade will work infinitely higher.

Reason 10 - Partner Program

The partner program creates a healthy competition amongst development companies to provide better solutions. It also creates a transparency for customers to be able to see which development companies are in their local area so customers are not “locked in” to one particular developer.

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