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Webcoda may be a small team of web developers but we know we can compete with any company when it comes to speed of development and code quality. How we know this is because we use the best tools on the market. One of the tools that really allows us to build custom admin pages in seconds is PLINQO. If you are a developer and haven’t checked it out, here is the URL

Basically what it is Codesmith’s implementation of LINQ to SQL. Apart from the fact that it also allows you to build the UI and not just the DAL is that you can make updates to your DAL and when you regenerate, PLINQO will not overwrite your changes. Other advantages are consistent code quality adhering to company standards as everyone works from the same templates and great database structure as PLINQO is most effective when your DB is properly designed with proper foreign keys and normalisation.

No one in the company can imagine not working with this tool anymore. It is really that awesome.

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