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Facebook and Twitter are the most well known of the web 2.0 apps but there are many more cool apps out that may suit you better.

My personal interests are Tech, Politics, Business, Current Affairs and Comedy. I travel by train each day so I keep informed by subscribing to podcasts. I have an IPhone so I use ITunes to find podcasts and with one click I subscribe and as new podcasts are published they automatically downloaded and synch to my IPhone when I next connect. There are so many great Podcasts and they are all free and they come on video and audio varieties.



If you want to check out some of my favourite podcasts here are a few..

  • Jake and Amir (Comedy)
  • Digital Life by CNET Australia
  • Digital Planet
  • The Economist
  • Larry King Podcast

I am also a big fan of Wired magazine. No other publication seems to be so ahead of the curve, have such great writing and is presented so beautifully. Wired also produces Podcasts. One of them is called the Hopkinson Report, a Podcast made by the marketing guy from Wired, Jim Hopkinson. 
I was brushing my teeth yesterday morning and listening to the latest edition (I have an IPod dock alarm clock in my bathroom) where he interviewed the creator of a start up called Redwirewhich is a site for entrepreneurs to share experiences, stories and perhaps meet up in person. I decided to take a look and see if there were any groups that might be in my area that meet up to discuss running a small business. Unfortunately it’s early days and Sydney doesn’t have too many members but the site looks pretty cool.

Undeterred the Podcast had also mentioned a site called, so I checked to see if they have any groups that would interest me. I found this one - which happens to meet up right near were I work on the 2nd Tuesday of every month. I signed up and will be going tomorrow.

The point is that even if Twitter and Facebook aren’t your cup of tea that doesn’t mean that there isn’t a site that may suit your needs.

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